Saturday, July 31, 2010

In the Beginning...

A few weeks ago we made the final decision to homeschool this coming year. It's been a struggle. We love our son's  Waldorf school (Susquehanna Waldorf) but have been debating this move for about a year. 

Upon telling Jonah of our decision, he commented "Great! Now I can take piano instead of a stringed instrument." I know he will miss his classmates and the wonderful faculty, especially his classroom teacher. But, we are looking forward to this adventure. And he, especially for a choleric, has displayed a wonderfully positive attitude.

The adventure has begun with my struggling through scads of information about Waldorf homeschooling. I need to remember this is not school at home. It is to be done differently than what I've seen in the school classroom. I am so thankful for my hours spent volunteering, though. It's given me a basis for how to proceed.