Thursday, January 3, 2013

No veggies

Egyptian walking onion

I have a confession to make...I don't like vegetables.Oh, there are a few that I eat, mainly those that I don't consider real vegetables, like potatoes and corn. But when it comes to green things....ick.

As a child I was notoriously picky. There's the family story about one Canadian camping trip, where, at the Bay of Fundy I choked my pile of peas down one lonely legume at a time. Apparently it took forever for me to finish the pile.

Then  there's the oft repeated string bean controversy. My dad, who remembers everything, while serving string beans would say,"I thought you liked string beans." "No,  Dad, just like last week. I don't eat them." Maybe he was expecting a miraculous change?

My pickiness was not just aimed at vegetables...i also didn't like hot chocolate or watermelon. French toast was a much despised breakfast, eggs were disgusting, milk icky, and pancakes made me vomit....literally. But I really hated vegetables.

As an adult, i now will try things that I didn't like as a kid. String beans are edible, as is raw spinach. In the non veg category, Husband makes fabulous fluffy pancakes, and just this year I started eating fried and poached eggs.

But, back to the veggies....My conscience troubles me over the lack of vegetables in my diet. Even the government now recommends a plate full of colorful vegetables.

I have  friends that each operate CSAs but i have never bought a share from either. Why? I don't eat all the lovely varieties they produce. Kale, beets, radishes, chard,...uh uh. It'd be a huge waste of money.(A fruit CSA would be well worth my money, though .)

Husband is a meat and potatoes guy. The Boy turns his nose up at many vegetables, although I can sneak some in our meals chopped up teeny tiny. 

So now I grow a fabulous garden each year, filled with the things we do eat: tomatoes, garlic, onions, potatoes, spinach, chard, carrots, string beans, edamame, lettuces, and asparagus. (I have discovered that we will all eat almost any vegetable raw, but not cooked) I buy mushrooms (super ick for me, but the Boy loves them) broccoli, and corn. And i try something new each year, if we like it, great. If not, I can always find someone to take the extra bounty.

Tastes do change as we age, but I will never be a vegetable lover. It has taken much persistence to become vegetable tolerant. And even more persistence and awareness to make sure my kids are exposed to as many vegetables as possible. Without a grimace or "ick!"
Cherry and yellow pear tomatoes

Autumn squash

Summer's last tomato