Thursday, May 9, 2013

Around the Homestead: Planting Time and Spring Maintenance

Garlic coming up

It has been a busy spring. A late starting, cool, but very busy spring.  

Over the past few weeks we have spent our weekends out in the yard. We planted potatoes, onions, and greens; mended fencing; rat-proofed one of the chicken sheds; moved the chicks to said shed; built bee boxes; acquired bees; repaired broken outdoor piping; cleaned up the firewood area; planted trees and shrubs; weeded garden areas, rocked-edged new garden areas; and had a weekend long yard sale. 

During the week, evenings draw to a close a little later each day, as the sun creeps it's way down the western sky, giving us more outdoor time. Each Friday afternoon finds us out in the sunshine, working on some new project, where we continue through the weekend. On Sunday evenings we break a bit early and treat ourselves to pizza or some ice cream from a local shop, and a movie (or Dr. Who) on Netflix.

Spring is always busy on the homestead. There's all the outside work to do, work we've put off since fall. Plus it's time to start planting the garden beds. I have been quite lazy about my planting, and I think the cool weather is to blame. (It can't possibly be that I'm just being lazy!) We have only broken the 70 degree mark a few days so far and our nights are still hovering in the 40s.

My seeds are started, but I've put very little in the ground, to date. This week I'd like to get the tomatoes, leeks, carrots, beans, and flowers in the ground. We'll see. I also have to requeen my hive. (My current queen ended up being a virgin queen, but that's another story.) And I'd like to get out in the canoe soon, too. Yes, something recreational!

The first asparagus spears

The asparagus is coming up and I have a collection of new recipes to try. Pickled asparagus being one. Sounds kind of weird, but I'd like to find a method for preserving asparagus that we'll actually eat. Otherwise Husband ends up taking bucketsful to work to give away.

Summer will soon be here, with it's lazy, hot days. There's just  a little window of time to get those outside chores finished before it gets so hot that the sun chases us back under the cool shade trees or indoors.