Monday, May 7, 2012

When Girls will be Boys: How to tell a Rooster from a Hen

My companion Denial has been hanging around a good bit, lately. I so want things to go my way, and when they don't, Denial comes over for a stay.

Today's realization? Puffin is a rooster. Darn! Darn! Darn! Her/his hackle feathers have been coming in as a pointy roo pattern, but I thought that *maybe* she would just be a little different. Then I noticed a few green and purple iridescent feathers peeking through the black and white. Beautiful, *sniff* reminds me of her papa, Jack Sparrow. Well,l today was the final eye opener. Beautiful green sickles. Denial has left the homestead, laughing all the way.
Jack Sparrow, proud papa

Puffin, day 1

Puffin has been a single chicken since hatch...the only chick to hatch from my first attempt. So, she/he has been completely spoiled, as far as you can spoil a chicken. Hand fed, petted, lots of treats. He lives with the goats rather than in a hen house with the other chickens. He has been as friendly as a chicken can be. And now she's a him and I have a dilemma. I have two good working roosters; I can't keep three.

Puffin hangin' out on my shoulder as we toast marshmallows over an evening fire.

Husband holding Puffin, doing his raptor impression.
Husband says we should eat Archimedes, the most beautiful roo, who also happens to be an eensy bit aggressive. (He seems to dislike my calves. I dislike them, too, but no need to attack) Then we could keep Puffin. But, I wonder if Puffin would make a good free range cock? Have I spoiled him too much? He is kind of a mama's boy. And he's kind of a 'fraidy cat chicken, unless I'm around. Then he looks to me for protection! (I really think I just answered my own question.)

*Sigh* It changes everything when they grow up to be something other than what you wanted them to be. Denial got me this time, but he won't be invited back for a long while. Or is that Denial again?