Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fifth Grade Rhythm

Day two is complete. We seem to be falling into a rhythm already.

Light Candle/Morning Verse
Animal Care and Morning Walk
IAO Verse
Beginning Verse
Weather Check
Warm ups (Reading and/or Math questions)
Dictation (Spelling/Grammar)
Main Lesson
Snack Recess
Specials: Painting, Form Drawing, Handwork, Piano Lesson, Library, Woodwork
Piano Practice
Specials or Extra Main Lesson
30 Days of Drawing
Quiet Time
Prepare Dinner

Today we did 10 subtraction problems as our warm up. And for dictation, a sentence about plants. I dictated the sentence, which he copied into his practice book. Then he read it back to me, with the spellings and punctuation while I wrote it on the board. He corrected his work. On  Friday we will have a compilation of four sentences that he will put in his main lesson book.

One special today — wet-in-wet painting, for which we used a poem as our inspiration. We painted  a sunflower with its roots in the warm brown soil and its blossom bobbing toward the sun. I also let him do a free painting. He chose to do wet-in-dry of a squirrel, his current favorite animal.

After lunch we headed off to the library to welcome our new librarian, Ellen. Home again, home again trying to avoid the soaking raindrops. Ran into the house and snuggled up with a book and a juicy peach.