Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Waldorf Geometry: Struggles of an Artistically Challenged Mom

I love, love, love perusing Waldorfy websites and books, just poring over samples of the beautiful artwork. But, as an artistically challenged person, I sometimes get rather discouraged with my own abilities. If only I could create such dreamy paintings, vibrant pastel drawings, and accurate real life sketches. And the fabulous chalkboard drawings! What is an artistically challenged mama supposed to do?


I recently read an article in which the author compared art to physical fitness.The idea was basically that you might not be able to do 10 pushups now, but if you exercise your muscles, eventually you will. Likewise, if you practice your art "muscles" you will improve.

With that in mind, I have decided not to beat myself up over my inabilities and just do my best, exactly what I expect of the Boy. (I never, ever disparage my work in front of him; I want him to joyfully create for creation's sake.)

Geometry has given us much practice work. And I have found I absolutely love coloring in our figures. It is so relaxing!

Before each lesson, I practice whichever figure we'll be doing the following day. On day 2 we practice it together on scrap sheets. And finally it goes in the main lesson book. While he's doing his mlb version I usually spend my time coloring my practice sheets.

My practice sheet

The Boy's practice sheet

And, just as I work my physical muscles, I will also continue to practice, stretching my artistic muscles. And yes, I can now do 10 pushups.

Note: For inspiration, I like waldorftoday

I also started building a pinterest board, pinning all kinds of images and tutorials.

And this year i purchased a book by Thomas Wildgruber, with lessons for improvement.

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