Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Norse Myths

With the start of 5th grade still a few weeks off, I thought I'd share some of our work from 4th grade. In the Waldorf curriculum, 4th graders study Zoology, Norse Myths, and North American Geography. 

My 4th grader really connected with the Norse Myths. He was fascinated by the gods and all of their adventures. He was initially enamored with Loki, until Loki went too far with one of his mischievous escapades. It was interesting to watch him process good vs. evil and work through it, realizing that we all have the potential to do good and sometimes have tendencies toward evil.

For our Norse myths block ( I only did one long block of each subject this past year; that worked better for us than two blocks each) we read the simplified stories of the gods from D'Aulaire's book of Norse Myths. We also borrowed several books from our local library. Son would ask me to read the same story from each book as he enjoyed comparing the different versions.

Our rhythm looked like this: Day 1 tell story of a particular god. Day 2 son would recall story and I wrote his recollection on the board. Son would draw a practice "portrait" of the god. Day 3 Son would copy recollection in his main lesson book and include a portrait. Depending on the day we would also work in our Form Drawing mlb, model, or work on some other activity.

Husband helped us make a model Yggdrasil (tree of life) and son modeled clay figures to sit at it's base. 


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