Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weekly Log

In Pennsylvania we need to keep track of how much we school, either the number of days or the number of hours (minimum requirement is 180 days or 900 hours for elementary). You can choose your method, but you need to be consistent throughout the year. When I homeschooled my oldest through high school I chose to use hours; 990 per year is the requirement for high school. In the primary grades, keeping track of days is much simpler!

To get organized, there are a number of planners you can purchase, but I made my own. Last year I kept a rather detailed computer-generated log of each week's lesson plans. But, I really like scribbling notes in pencil as the week goes along, and erasing and changing things. So I adapted last year's log and created this one:
You're welcome to download this form, just click here to go to my scribd account.

It's pretty self explanatory. I like having a place to check off how many times we hit each subject during the week, which gives me a quick reference as to what needs a little more attention. Over the weekend, when I do the next week's planning, I note each day's plan (in the large blocks). I tend to use the back of the sheet, too. Especially to make checklists: library books or supplies needed, phone numbers for field trips, etc. In PA we also need to keep an "extemporaneous reading log," so I made a "list" area where I can jot our resources down. For more info on PA's laws you can check askpauline.

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